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Espace Roseau
For its first Avignon festival the Belgian company AkroPercu hits hard with its
eponymous show … Normal for a percussion-based show ? Yes and no … for
AkroPercu is in fact not only percussions. In less than one week they managed to
play on two occasions in front of a full theatre, and this thanks to the leaflets that they
hand out in the streets of Avignon. We must tell that they are a bit noisy !
They are four on stage, three boys, one girl, they are going to propose you about ten
scenes very different from each other and a plastic box concert to start with. The
rhythmically toothbrushing performance is more than original and so are the bodily
percussions, and the whole show is going to be linked in this way, there is humour,
virtuosity and very good ideas … We very much liked the marimba sequence for
eight hands in black light, as well as the piece on the symphonic bass drum. The
production is by Kamel Benac of « Poubelles Boys », which perhaps accounts for
that !

Patrick DENIS
Until 30 July at 4:20 p.m. 16/13/10 euros. Phone 04 90 25 96 05 and 06 29 34 07 99.

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La Provence
24 JULY 2017
To play music with little, this is the challenge taken up by the Belgian company
Akropercu. Four young musicians, three men, one woman, carry us during eighty
minutes to a percussion show. Centred on humour and miming we move on laughing
to this new form of music. Light fittings bring much beauty and elegance to this show.
The four of them are bursting with energy and make us drunk with their music full of
rhythm and dynamism. We feel like standing up and dancing. They pass their
passion for music on to us. A xylophone, a drum, boxes, a toothbrush concerto, a
bike, they are capable of playing music with anything. The four of them are full of
talent, they make us laugh and give an innovating show. It is sparkling, colourful and
musical. With the family, among friends, all opportunities are good to go there ! We
relax and we leave sparkling ! No hesitation, go and book !
Akropercu, from 6 to 30 July, no performance on 24 and 28 July, at 7:55 p.m., in
the Rouge-Gorge, rate : 20 euros, season-ticket holder’s rate : 14 euros, infos
and booking : 04 90 14 02 54