Who is AkroPercu ?


An All Languages Access Show


Acrobats of rhythms those musicians-comedians make us discover a virtuoso percussion, certainly, but above all joyful, inventive, hilarious and without taboos. Completely mad they are capable of anything : to perform a Haka of All Blacks on a symphonic bass drum, as to play a concerto for toothbrushes or a score for beer racks.


    MUSICIANS         Thomas Delplancq (alternating with Antoine Dandoy), Julien

Mairesse, Max Charue and Adélaïde Wlomainck (alternating with Sylvie Erauw)


DIRECTION      Kamel Benac

LIGHT CREATION     Nicolas Gilson

PHOTOGRAPHY       Michel Cooreman, Andrea Adriani & Diana Vos

DESIGN     Antoine Walraevens


France and abroad Belgium – Max Charue
Tours 2017-2018: (+32(0)474786511) and Julien
Luc Chas (+33(0)662314118) Mairesse (+32(0)498842622)
luc.chas@gmail.com akropercu@gmail.com


The Director



So, no one resists their sweet madness, their burlesque, their poetry or their energy. Invited to direct that funny frenzy in the Belgian style Kamel Benac of « Poubelles Boys » did not resist either. It was often said that the « Poubelles Boys » have revolutionized the musical humour in France, among other things because they found their own language, by shifting the borders of the ways of expression. So, theater, music and dance are indiscriminately appealed for the purpose of a narration. That simplistic anti-integrism the « Akros » from their twenties also have it in their genes. And, added to a rare maturity, the encounter became unavoidable. Encounters both artistic and human are not that frequent: when they happen, to make them flourish is a duty and, when success is present, that even becomes an obligation !
« We have in common that taste for diversion, originality, energy, transgression and
this compulsive will to learn from the other. It is enough to accept from that other any
challenge to take up. To use percussion as a pen, in order to tell sometimes complex
situations, that compels you to brainwave.
Music tells. Some anecdotal or not. The very performance of music also tells. The
gestures of the musician, his or her attitude say something on the music produced,
but also on the musician himself or herself. All the more so if it is a matter of
percussion where spectacular often confronts virtuosity. And where the traits of
character happen to be more visible. It then becomes captivating to be also
interested in that musician. His or her story, frames of mind, habits, sensitivity … And
to realize, well, well, that the encounter between a score and its interpreter is not the
fruit of chance.
To lead to see the music that we hear. Then to lead to see those who perform it and,
to end up, to lead to see how the one has an influence on the others and … vice
versa. There is one of the main lines of work that we followed.
Would you have resisted the call of such a team ? »


What ?


Where & When ?


SEASON 2019-2020


  • 27 septembre 2019 @ Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône (FR) – 19h
  • 5 octobre 2019 @ Magny-les-Hameaux (FR) – 18h30 & 21h
  • 18 octobre 2019 @ Beaucourt (FR) – 20h30
  • 25 octobre 2019 @ Livry-Gargan (FR) – 14h30 & 20h30
  • 8 novembre 2019 @ Arras (FR) – 20h
  • 15 novembre 2019 @ Festival de Théâtre pour Rire de Matignon (FR) – 23h
  • 15 décembre 2019 @ Biscarosse (FR) – 15h30
  •  17 janvier 2020 @ Rennes (FR) PRIVATE EVENT
  • 31 janvier 2020 @ Coignières (FR) – 20h45
  • 6 février 2020 @ Feytiat (FR) – 20h30
  • 7 février 2020 @ Mimizan (FR) – 20h30
  • 20 février 2020 @ Sorbiers (FR) – 20h
  • 21 février 2020 @ Tarare (FR) – 21h30
  • 23 février 2020 @ Genac (FR) – 17h
  • 26 février 2020 @ Roanne (FR) 14h30 & 18h
  • 28 février 2020 @ Carcassonne (FR) – 20h45
  • 29 février 2020 @ Plaisance du Touch (FR) – 21h
  • 13 mars 2020 @ Meyzieu (FR) – 20h30
  • 14 mars 2020 @ Francheville (FR) – 20h30
  • 11 novembre 2020 @ Aulnoy-lez-Valenciennes (FR)